CPT Coach

PE Coach

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PE Coach is designed to be used during psychotherapy provided by a behavioral health professional who is trained in Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy. Veterans, Service members, and others with symptoms of PTSD who are receiving PE treatment can work together with their therapist to use the tools in this app. The app guides the patient through the exercises assigned by the therapist and allows them to record their progress. The patient and therapist can audio record sessions directly onto the phone so the patient can review them later as part of treatment. The app also provides an interactive controlled breathing exercise.

More details about this app can be found on the National Center for PTSD website.

iOS: Hoffman, J.E., Kuhn, E.,  Jaworski, B.K., Ramsey, K.M., Reger, G. (2015). PE Coach (Version 2.0). [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from http://itunes.apple.com.

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