Apps are everywhere!

After a bit of delay the team is back with exciting news from the land of app development and testing! We are working on getting two brand new updates out this month (whose titles rhyme with "Shmamily Noach" and "Kindfulness Broach," shhhh!), but in the meantime, we are here to feature two fantastic opportunities to connect with apps in the wild!

1) The APA Convention is in San Francisco this year, and you don't want to miss "Hands-On Skills For Using Apps and Online Programs for Veterans with PTSD and Related Issues," with our own Drs. Pearl McGee-Vincent, Jason Owen and Beth Jaworski! This CE-workshop is available for an additional fee to conference attendees interested in learning about app-related research and getting hand-on app training on provided tablets.

2) Listen to Dr. Jason Owen talk to the Wall Street Journal about apps and therapy in this podcast, as media begins to take a closer look at how technology can be used to support mental health care.

Don't forget to check out our Resources page for new materials for providers and users! And, as always, send us your Feedback so we can continue to build based on your expertise!