Happy Holidays?

Holidays have a reputation for joy and cheer, but in reality can be tough for many people, especially those who are already struggling. Year-end holidays can also represent a difficult time for therapists, who might be juggling clients' schedules with their own reduced availability, all during a time in which increased support is often necessary. Having plans with clients that detail how they can amp up self-management of symptoms during this time can help provide an additional layer of support.

Check out these ideas for app recommendations to share with clients:

Is your client dreading seeing Aunt Edna and hearing her constant criticism?

Point them to Mindfulness Coach, which can help them practice ways to purposefully attend to something a bit more pleasant.

Do you have a patient who is trying to manage their drinking around imbibing holiday revelers?

VetChange has interactive tools for alcohol use management, and ideas for how to stay in control.

Does PTSD make large crowds during holiday shopping hard to bear?

Share PTSD Coach with your clients, and encourage them to rate their SUDS after practicing each tool, to see what works for them.

Want to give your clients a way to quickly access crisis resources?

Help them download one of the apps that has a quick link to the Crisis Hotline, which can save them from having to dial the number.

 Worried that holiday travel might disrupt sleep?

Encourage them to keep CBT-i Coach in their pockets, which has comprehensive sleep hygiene info and interactive diary and tool components

Client have an Android device? Check out the VA Suite on Google Play